Kansas City Seniors

Spring is in the air and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.  I’m enjoying the warmer weather, the blossoms, the green grass, and the bunny nests I’ve found in my front yard!  I’m working on creating new pricing, product lists and packages.  Hopefully in the not too far off future, you will also see a change in the blog site as well.  It is time for change!  In the meantime, I thought I’d post some pictures from the high school senior sessions I did last Fall on my trips back to Kansas City.  I posted several on Facebook and figured it was past time to get them onto the blog as well.

Anna-58 web  Anna-140 web Anna-253 web Anna-291-Edit web bw Anna-303-Edit web Anna-358 web Anna-389-Edit web Cade-46-Edit-2 white web Cade-56 edit web Cade-97 Edit web Eliza-22 weblogo Eliza-118 weblogo Eliza-127 weblogo Eliza-190 Eliza-218 Eliza-262 weblogo Grace-14 Grace-66 web Grace-121 web Grace-135 bw Grace-151 Grace-182 web Grace-191 Grace-237 bw Ice-56 web Ice-92 web Ice-203 web Ice-327 web Jessica-34-Edit Jessica-61 Jessica-74 bw Jessica-108 bw Jessica-130 Jessica-171 Jessica-282

I’m back!

I am still alive.  I’m still shooting, and I’m still in business.  As I mentioned earlier, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky.  I have been busy unpacking, adjusting and getting settled into our new area and home.  It has been a full time job!  I absolutely love Kentucky.  It is beautiful here and everyone we’ve met has been wonderful.  We couldn’t be happier with our transition.  I have still been doing a bit of shooting during the transition, but my blogging has gone by the wayside with my time being limited and my focus being on getting my family transitioned.  I’m hoping now to get caught up a bit with the blog.  I’ve been working on some photos for my friend Lisa.  She has been cutting my hair for about 10 years now and I wish dearly I could move her to Louisville so I can keep getting wonderful haircuts. :)  She’s fabulous and her daughter is a breath of fresh air.  I’m so glad we could get a shoot in of her cute little family before I left for Louisville.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Brown-568 webjeep flareBrown-80-Edit weblogoBrown-72 webduo  Brown-229 webBrown-192 web  Brown-326 web Brown-362 web

We are moving to Louisville, KY!!

As of May 18th, 2013, we will be residents of Louisville, KY.  My business will reside in KY and serve the greater Louisville area……AND the Kansas City area.  I will be back in KC in the Fall for portrait sessions.  Be sure to contact me soon if you are interested in booking a session this Fall.  Space will be limited and will fill up quickly! We are moving to Kentucky because my husband received a promotion through work.  We are very excited for our new adventure.  The transition hasn’t come without a few tears, though.  We’ve lived in Kansas City for almost 13 years now.  This is all my kids know.  They are excited, but also understandably nervous.  What is very interesting about this move is that 2 years ago some friends of ours moved to Louisville.  In fact, their daughter Hadley was my photography assistant for a while (and an awesome one at that!)  They flew me out last October to do Hadley and Conner’s senior pictures.  It was beautiful there!  We had some great backdrops for portraits.  I had no idea when I was there shooting pictures that my husband would be applying for a job in Louisville the following month!  The opportunity felt right so we went for it and off we go to Louisville now.  Here are some of the pictures I captured of Hadley and Conner last Fall.  I’ve also included some of their album spreads.  Congrats on making it through High School Hadley and Conner!!  I’m so excited and proud of both of you.

Hadley 1112 b webHadley 0506 web1314 Conner c web1516 Conner webHadley 0708 web0910 Conner webHMCH-920 webHMCH-891 webHadley 1516 webHMCH-994 webHMCH-46 web bw0708 Conner webHadley 0304 webHMCH-495 webconnerHMCH-212 webHMCH-476 webHMCH-653            HMCH-445 web

Lovin’ Those Kansas Skies

Oh my! Let’s face it…I’m awful at blogging. Busy season rolls around and I fail to make time to blog. It would be ideal to share more of the work I’m currently shooting, but it seems when my schedule is jam packed full, I have to put my time where it matters most – attending to the current needs of those clients (after my family responsibilities, of coarse….I’m just speaking from a business perspective here.) My time gets consumed with shoots, location scouting, meeting with clients, attending to emails, editing, more editing, and then some more editing. Then there’s albums, cards, & storyboards to design. Did I mention the editing? ;) What is my favorite part of it all? Well, I like all of it, but my favorite is actually being out shooting and working with these fabulous people in front of my camera. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I’m hoping to catch up on sharing some of my work from this last Fall.

I do just want to add that I have been sharing some updates on Facebook, so I haven’t been totally off the cyber grid when it comes to exposing my current work. If you haven’t visited my Facebook page, then be sure to do so. You are likely to stay current with the work of J.Fields Photography that way. In the meantime, I’m going to work on being a more consistent blogger.

Many of you may know I LOVE KANSAS SKIES. Actually, I just love cool skies in general and love to incorporate them into portraits when I can. It seemed this last Fall was a great season with so many wonderful sky opportunities. Here are a few of my favorites (minus the few I already posted in the previous post about high school senior boys.)

I have a lot of cool sky pictures by this red truck, but the skies in this session were amazing!

Kieran-387 web Kieran-362 webRoberts-13 webRoberts-18 webThis one was actually taken in Louisville, KY. Love the blue sky and sun flare.HMCH-20 webAlex-87 web Katie-468 web Katie-493 web Kennedy-497 web MM-150 web Cantrell-196 web

The Boys

I definitely photograph more senior girls than boys, but it is always fun to see what each guy brings to the session. For some it is about sports, others about cars, and some are into skateboarding, break dancing, guitar playing, gaming, Lego’s, art, music, etc. Whatever it is, I appreciate that each session is unique and I love it when the guys want to incorporate their interests into their senior portraits. Admittedly, most all senior boys get their pictures taken for their mothers, but all seem to somewhat enjoy the session. They realize it isn’t so bad after all. :) Here is just a handful of pictures from a few senior boy sessions.

Colin-454-Edit-2 webCollin-133 webCollin-90 webCollin-25 webBen-87 webBen-28 web Ben-144 web Alex duo Alex-93 web Alex-137 web

Maddie – class of 2013

I had so much fun editing and shooting this session. I’ve been excited to share some images from Maddie’s session. She is beautiful inside and out! Make-up was done by Linda Blomeyer with NARS Cosmetics. Linda did an amazing job with Maddie’s make-up. Best of wishes to you Maddie. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

Maddie-56 webmaddie 1windyMaddie-167 webMaddie-189 webcheer 3 Maddie-282 webMaddie-284 crop webMaddie-300 web prettyMaddie-400 web green

Heat Wave Relief

Oh my goodness is it ever HOT!! I told my kiddos they could play in the sprinkler in the yard (cool them down and water the grass at the same time!) I love Summer sprinkler pictures so I grabbed my camera before heading out the door. Anyone up for a Summer sprinkler session let me know!! After sprinklers we can grab some shots of your kids eating huge slices of watermelon…or ice cream! Yum! What kid wouldn’t love a photo session like that. Fun and natural!

sprinkler 1 web sprinkler 2 web sprinkler 3 web sprinkler 4 web sprinkler 5 web

Addi – Louisburg High School {class of 2013}

On the day of Addi’s session it was super windy.  So windy, in fact, that I thought we’d have to call the session short and finish another day.  Thankfully, the wind ended up not being too bad after all.  I think we all were a little cooler because of it.  Here is a small sneak peak of Addi’s session.  We did this session in Louisburg.

Addi-166 webAddi-158 webaddi duo Addi-304 bw web Addi-368 web Addi-437 web


I just got back from a trip to Europe so I am working to get caught up. Just wanted to take a minute to share a few photos from this family session I had before I left. I was quite fond of the b&w images from this session for some reason. They’re such a beautiful family, inside and out.

Phillips-19 bw webmom duoPhillips-185 webdad trio Phillips-27 bw web Phillips-337 bw web

Molly – Class of 2013 Blue Valley West HS

Molly is my senior rep from Blue Valley West High School. Seniors are my absolute favorite subjects to photograph. I love the age and I love what each senior brings to the session. It never get’s boring! Molly was fun to work with and having her friend Hannah come along was the perfect addition to help bring out the laughter. We chose an urban setting for Molly’s pictures. Hair and Makeup done by the fabulous Melissa Evans.

Molly-96 bw webMolly-49 webMolly laugh sb Molly-413 web Molly-178 web Molly-193 web Molly-208 web Molly-217 web Molly-295 web Molly-337 web