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A Year in Review

Time….it flies by so fast!  Everything is in a constant state of change, which is good I suppose.  It brings comfort to know during painful times that things will change and get better.  It is during those blissful times, though, you wish the moment would last longer.  You look adoringly at your children and wish […]

Saying Goodbye

As I write this blog post, Hadley, you are driving to your new home…off to your new adventure in Kentucky.  You and your family will be dearly missed.  I am sad to be losing such a fantastic photography assistant, but am excited for your new adventure.  You’ll do great!  I’m glad we were able to […]


I just took these images Monday for this beautiful model in the making.  These were taken in Mission Hills at an amazing home!  I now wish I had taken some pictures of just the details of the home inside and out.  It was built in 1941…large stone house with French country finishing’s and decor.  The […]