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I Can Fly!!

Well, I am excited to bring you this post because this session was just so much fun!  This little 3 year old boy was a dream to photograph…fun, active, full of personality, completely cooperative and he engaged so well with the camera.  Family shoots with just one child are great because it is easy to just let […]

Family Is What Matters Most

My husband is a bit of a Brad Paisley fan.  Brad Paisley is a country singer, for those of you who haven’t heard of him.  In fact, my husband’s favorite song of his is “She’s Everything.”  Wes thinks it “fits” me perfectly…especially the part about wanting chocolate and being moody. :) I don’t really listen to much country music but I’ve […]

Senior Update

Goodness, I’ve had so much to blog about but little time to do it.  So for lack of a better blog post I decided to post a sample of what I’ve been up to lately.  I thought I’d break this down into 2 separate blog posts: one for seniors, and the next will be for […]

All About Seniors

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the high school senior sessions I’ve done this year. I love photographing seniors. I love this age; it is an exciting time in their lives. I remember my graduation being one of the best days of my life up to that point. I was tired of all the “clicks”, the […]

Staying True To My Name

I often chuckle at how my last name seems to fit me in more than one way. First, I have mastered the art of making cookies (okay, “mastered” might be a little strong), but I am pretty darn good at it and have been since a young girl. I love to bake and my roommates […]