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I Can Fly!!

Well, I am excited to bring you this post because this session was just so much fun!  This little 3 year old boy was a dream to photograph…fun, active, full of personality, completely cooperative and he engaged so well with the camera.  Family shoots with just one child are great because it is easy to just let […]

Frozen In Time

Things are changing so fast in life, and I often wish they would slow down.  I love the stage my kids are at right now (ages 10, 8, 5).  My oldest is going into middle school and my youngest will be attending all day Kindergarten this Fall.  I feel like I’m entering a new stage […]

Family Is What Matters Most

My husband is a bit of a Brad Paisley fan.  Brad Paisley is a country singer, for those of you who haven’t heard of him.  In fact, my husband’s favorite song of his is “She’s Everything.”  Wes thinks it “fits” me perfectly…especially the part about wanting chocolate and being moody. :) I don’t really listen to much country music but I’ve […]

February Special!!

Well, it’s that time of year when the weather is a bit crummy and somewhat unpredictable…okay, REALLY unpredictable, but some really great pictures can still be taken.  While most of the work I do is outdoors, I do some indoor pictures as well.  If you don’t mind bundling up in some fun hats, scarfs and jackets then a […]

Baby Merritt

I know, I know…I stink at blogging this year.  I’m so gosh darn busy something had to give and I chose blogging.  Next year I will resolve to post more of all the work I’ve been doing.  For now, I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate Mike and Sara on the arrival of […]

Christmas Cards

‘Tis the Season for Christmas cards.  I just wanted to do a quick post to share a few I’ve done here in the last week or so.  Many of these are printed as a 5×7 flat card, a 5×7 bi-fold card or a 5×5 tri-fold and are printed on a linen texture card stock.  All […]

Family Fun

There is definitely a lot of “fun” to be had during a session with a young family.  Ya know, the sweet smiles, genuine laughter, playfulness, unpredictability, meltdowns, crying, tantrums…..oh, wait…..I mean sweet smiles, tender moments, etc., LOL.  Yep, this session had all those moments.  And can you expect less from 3 darling kids ages 5,2, […]

Family & Friends

Well, as I mentioned in the previous post, I took a trip to Utah to shoot the Jone’s wedding.  I spent a few extra days out there visiting family and old friends as well.  It was so much fun!  Just after I got off the plane my older sister picked me up and took me out […]

Sneak Peak

I had such a fun session with this cute 10 year old girl the other day (although, she doesn’t really look 10 in some of these).  As you can see, she is full of spunk and personality.  Here is a little sneak peak from her session. Her and her mom look so cute together here.  I […]

Urban Kids

A short while back Sara and I took a drive to the city to do an urban session for her 3 cute little girls.  The girls did such a good job.  The oldest 2 did most of the reflector holding for me.  I think I may have to use them more as photographer assistants in the future. We did […]