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We are moving to Louisville, KY!!

As of May 18th, 2013, we will be residents of Louisville, KY.  My business will reside in KY and serve the greater Louisville area……AND the Kansas City area.  I will be back in KC in the Fall for portrait sessions.  Be sure to contact me soon if you are interested in booking a session this […]

Kansas Skies

The weather today is incredible…so sunny and warm. I love this time of year in Kansas. I can’t say I love the threat of tornados we get during the tornado season, but I do love the skies! They can be so incredible to say the least! As I was thinking about my love for Kansas […]

My Little Ham

I was catching up on some work and came across some older photos (older meaning earlier this year.)  I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw these of my daughter “hamming it up” for the camera.  I’d forgotten I even took these.  I love it when I find these little treasures.  It’s kind of like […]

Spring is here…and so am I!

I realize it has been 2 months since my last blog post!  Yikes!  Yes, I am still here & still photographing, but after a much needed break from work.  For those of you who don’t know, we just recently moved to Louisburg.  I wanted to take some time to focus on the move, which is […]

My Family

Finally found some time to put together my own Christmas card.  I thought I’d share a couple of the photos I used on it.  Family photo was taken by my friend and fellow photographer Cynthia Cockriel.  Thank you Cynthia…I love my photos. And I have so much more I want to blog about and share […]

Sprinkler Fun!

I’m so excited to share this post with you I can hardly stand it!  I did a session a while back for a client of mine who wanted some shots of her daugher playing in the sprinkler.  I was so pleased with how the shots turned out I knew my summer couldn’t come to an […]

Frozen In Time

Things are changing so fast in life, and I often wish they would slow down.  I love the stage my kids are at right now (ages 10, 8, 5).  My oldest is going into middle school and my youngest will be attending all day Kindergarten this Fall.  I feel like I’m entering a new stage […]

Happy Halloween!

When it comes to Halloween my husband and kids really get into the decorating and costumes.  It is their 2nd favorite holiday next to Christmas.  I, on the other hand, can be a bit of a scrooge about Halloween…I probably shouldn’t admit that!  It is fun to see the kids having so much fun though […]

Bundle in a Basket

I was at my computer editing photos yesterday when I kept hearing this creaking and scratching noise in the living room.  I began to wonder what my 2 dogs were up to in there, so I got up from the computer and walked into the living room and saw my male lab, Skip, laying in […]

What is Magic?

My 7 year old son and I were driving home from church a couple of weeks ago when he asked, “Mom, what is magic?”  I thought it was interesting he should ask me what that word meant because it is one I have been thinking about all summer.  I answered it the best I could and thoroughly enjoyed […]