Monthly Archives: October 2008

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Thoughts on Motherhood

I started my photography business 2 years ago and I feel extremely blessed to have had the success I’ve had. I have always had an interest in photography, but about 2 years ago something inside of me switched (almost overnight practically) and I became “obsessed” with photography. I felt so passionate about it and couldn’t […]

Staying True To My Name

I often chuckle at how my last name seems to fit me in more than one way. First, I have mastered the art of making cookies (okay, “mastered” might be a little strong), but I am pretty darn good at it and have been since a young girl. I love to bake and my roommates […]

Birth of Cricket

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the birth of a baby in July. This little baby girl’s name is Cricket. Sara, the mother of this darling little baby, is also my album designer and good friend. She handled everything so well and looked beautiful the entire time. (If only I could look that good […]