San Antonio, Texas

I had the opportunity to attend the Imaging USA convention in San Antonio the last few days.  It was quite fun and educational.  I just so happen to have a friend/client who lives in San Antonio, Missy, who allowed me to stay with her during my visit.  I did a session for Missy while I was out there.  I must say…I’ve grown quite fond of her little kids.  They are full of personality.  And Missy can you leave a comment below on where this truck is located?  Doesn’t Willie Nelson sing at this place?!

San Antonio-128 web San Antonio-66 web San Antonio-69 webSan Antonio-566 webtrioSan Antonio-935 webSan Antonio-931 webI was also able to do a couple of other sessions during my stay there.  This next session was a mini-session for this darling little girl.  She insisted on getting some pictures with Missy’s son too.  So cute.  San Antonio-427 bw web  San Antonio-360 web   She has such pretty blue eyes.San Antonio-460 webThis next session was taken over at the country club in their area.  The fountain made such a beautiful backdrop.  I love fountains for that very reason!!  And look at these gorgeous eyelashes!!!San Antonio-775 web San Antonio-790 webtrio fountain webAnd what kids can resist playing in the water?  Thank goodness their mom was so laid back and had no problem with them getting soaked.  In fact, the playing in the water may have gotten a bit carried away.  I was sure we were going to get kicked off the property.  I didn’t really care though…it made for such great pictures.  I only posted a small portion of what was taken.  I didn’t want to give all of the surprises away just yet. San Antonio-830 webfountain duo webSan Antonio-810 web San Antonio-811 web  San Antonio-884 web San Antonio-897 web    

I was thoroughly enjoying the weather during my stay too.  It was 70 degrees the day we shot most of these photos.  I flew home yesterday and came home to lots of snow!  Makes me anxious for Spring!


  1. Missy said . . .

    Jen! These are all so precious. I love the one of AJ holding her knees. And Darby’s Ralph Lauren shoot! And the truck. And the water drops at the fountain give me goosebumps. Thank you! Oh, and the truck is at Floore’s county store–Willie Nelson played there in his teens and we saw him there a couple years ago. Historic Texas honky-tonk. P.S. That’s MY bed. :)

    Posted January 20, 2011 at 10:20 pm | Permalink
  2. Teresa said . . .

    These are great! The playful spirt and innocence shines through and colors are very striking.

    Posted January 24, 2011 at 8:01 am | Permalink

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