The Boys

I definitely photograph more senior girls than boys, but it is always fun to see what each guy brings to the session. For some it is about sports, others about cars, and some are into skateboarding, break dancing, guitar playing, gaming, Lego’s, art, music, etc. Whatever it is, I appreciate that each session is unique and I love it when the guys want to incorporate their interests into their senior portraits. Admittedly, most all senior boys get their pictures taken for their mothers, but all seem to somewhat enjoy the session. They realize it isn’t so bad after all. :) Here is just a handful of pictures from a few senior boy sessions.

Colin-454-Edit-2 webCollin-133 webCollin-90 webCollin-25 webBen-87 webBen-28 web Ben-144 web Alex duo Alex-93 web Alex-137 web

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