Lovin’ Those Kansas Skies

Oh my! Let’s face it…I’m awful at blogging. Busy season rolls around and I fail to make time to blog. It would be ideal to share more of the work I’m currently shooting, but it seems when my schedule is jam packed full, I have to put my time where it matters most – attending to the current needs of those clients (after my family responsibilities, of coarse….I’m just speaking from a business perspective here.) My time gets consumed with shoots, location scouting, meeting with clients, attending to emails, editing, more editing, and then some more editing. Then there’s albums, cards, & storyboards to design. Did I mention the editing? ;) What is my favorite part of it all? Well, I like all of it, but my favorite is actually being out shooting and working with these fabulous people in front of my camera. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I’m hoping to catch up on sharing some of my work from this last Fall.

I do just want to add that I have been sharing some updates on Facebook, so I haven’t been totally off the cyber grid when it comes to exposing my current work. If you haven’t visited my Facebook page, then be sure to do so. You are likely to stay current with the work of J.Fields Photography that way. In the meantime, I’m going to work on being a more consistent blogger.

Many of you may know I LOVE KANSAS SKIES. Actually, I just love cool skies in general and love to incorporate them into portraits when I can. It seemed this last Fall was a great season with so many wonderful sky opportunities. Here are a few of my favorites (minus the few I already posted in the previous post about high school senior boys.)

I have a lot of cool sky pictures by this red truck, but the skies in this session were amazing!

Kieran-387 web Kieran-362 webRoberts-13 webRoberts-18 webThis one was actually taken in Louisville, KY. Love the blue sky and sun flare.HMCH-20 webAlex-87 web Katie-468 web Katie-493 web Kennedy-497 web MM-150 web Cantrell-196 web

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  1. Jean Phillips said . . .

    Jan, I love those skies!

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