Christmas Cards

‘Tis the Season for Christmas cards.  I just wanted to do a quick post to share a few I’ve done here in the last week or so.  Many of these are printed as a 5×7 flat card, a 5×7 bi-fold card or a 5×5 tri-fold and are printed on a linen texture card stock.  All card come with envelopes.  I have LOTS & LOTS of designs so be sure to ask about them.  Oh, and names were changed on these cards…so if you see someone you know but the names aren’t correct, you now know why. :)

Here is probably one of my favorite Christmas cards that I’ve ever put together.  We did this shoot in the summer and after reviewing the pictures my client suggested I put some mistletoe in her son’s hand and turn it into a Christmas card (I think he was doing some super-hero pose).  I thought the idea was fabulous and the picture of his sister chasing after him to grab a kiss was perfect for the inside!!  I love how perfectly it worked out!  This is a 5×7 horizontal card.  This first image is the front of the card.

And this is the inside spread.

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  1. Kiana said . . .

    These are fabulous! That mistletoe card will get lots of smiles. :)

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