Frozen In Time

Things are changing so fast in life, and I often wish they would slow down.  I love the stage my kids are at right now (ages 10, 8, 5).  My oldest is going into middle school and my youngest will be attending all day Kindergarten this Fall.  I feel like I’m entering a new stage of life and before I know it they’ll all be teenagers, then heading off to college, and then having families of their own.  Just the teenage part alone makes me nervous and stressed to think about and with my oldest going into middle school I’m feeling closer to that than ever now.  Right now they listen to me and do what they are told (well, most of the time with some reminding).  They  still want to be with us.  They still believe we have all the answers and rely on us for so much of what they need and do in life.  They still get excited about the simple things in life.  It is exciting to watch then grow into these wonderful and talented individuals and to see their personalities unfold, but it is scary to realize one day they will be making decisions for themselves and decide they may not want to be around you as much.  They begin to think, and decide and do things on their own…sometimes more that we want.  And I’m sure there will be plenty of decisions they make that we completely disagree with.  There will be times they will “fall” and you hope they will pick themselves back up and be stronger for it.  You hope they don’t “fall” too hard in a way that will detriment their future and hold them back from realizing their full potential.  You hope that in this process of separating themselves from their parents they remember who they are and realize where they are going in life.  You hope they will be the best they can be and can help others do the same.

For now I will embrace the stage they are at.  I will enjoy each day I have left with just my daughter and me at home during the day until she too heads off to school full time with her brothers.  The other day we spent the morning doing her hair and nails and taking some pictures and then doing a little shopping.  She is so fun to be with.  I don’t photograph my kids nearly as much as you think a photographer should, but when I do I just love to see how their personalities shine through.  I am so thankful and truly AMAZED at how I can capture an expression in a split second that speaks volumes to me and just melts my heart at the same time.  I look at my kids when they are talking to me or laughing and I love it, but then the moment passes and you are already into the next moment…and then the next, etc.  But when I take a picture of that brief moment I feel like I can look at that picture and hold on to that moment forever…like it was frozen in time.  I LOVE that!  Here are some moments/expressions frozen in time of my daughter when were enjoying our one on one time together the other day.  They melt my heart and bring a huge smile to my face every time I look at them.  I love you Ladybug!

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  1. ericamay said . . .

    jennifer, these are gorgeous images! i love these in black and white — your work is absolutely beautiful! :)

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