Country Spring

I love this time of year when everything is fresh and green and the temperature is perfect. I loved this session too. We chose a country setting for this girl’s 10 year old portraits and I just loved that she brought her little dog, Hank, along for some pictures too. Check out his adorable little hat! I think Hank loved having his picture taken…and I think he actually liked wearing the hat!

cantrell-168 websb4cantrell-45 web sb2cantrell-231 web

Daddy Daughter Dance – Louisburg Kansas

This year I had the opportunity to photograph the dads and daughters at the Daddy Daughter Dance here in Louisburg at the elementary school. Every year my daughter really looks forward to this special event. I think my husband looks forward to it almost as much! When I told my daughter I was the photographer at the dance she was so excited and asked if she could be my assistant. I smiled big and, of coarse, reminded her she had a date with dad that night. It was really fun to see the dads and daughters together all dressed up. The event is always a big hit with lots of dancing. In fact, I saw several girls come up to get their picture taken with shoes off because of sore feet from all the dancing. Here is just a handful of pictures taken that night. It was a “winter wonderland” theme so I decided to string ice cycle lights in front of a white backdrop and blur the background with my camera to get the glimmer of circular lights in the background you see. IMG_9977 webdd dance And here is the picture of my husband and daughter. Even though I had already taken their picture when I did a test shot run a few days earlier, she insisted on waiting in line to get her picture taken at the dance. It was all part of the experience I guess. :) IMG_0236 web

Kansas Skies

The weather today is incredible…so sunny and warm. I love this time of year in Kansas. I can’t say I love the threat of tornados we get during the tornado season, but I do love the skies! They can be so incredible to say the least! As I was thinking about my love for Kansas skies I remembered this image I took back in 2008 of the stormy skies. It might just be one of my favorites. It was taken in my home town. I had just moments to get this shot before getting rained on as the storm was moving in from the West rather quickly (I was facing South when taking this shot). Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather. I’ve noticed the fields starting to turn a bit more golden as they always seem to do late Winter/early Spring. I see field pictures in the very near future! :)

IMG_2827 blend web

A Year in Review

Time….it flies by so fast!  Everything is in a constant state of change, which is good I suppose.  It brings comfort to know during painful times that things will change and get better.  It is during those blissful times, though, you wish the moment would last longer.  You look adoringly at your children and wish they would quit growing up so fast.  On the other hand, it’s nice to know that dirty diapers and cleaning food out of your child’s hair after every feeding won’t last forever.  I suppose it is best we make the most of every moment, and realize the present moment is the most important since it is the only moment we have any control over.  How we live in the present affects how we view and learn from our past, as well as the outcome of our future.  I am truly blessed with so much in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity God has given me to develop and use my talent in photography.  I am grateful for the individuals and families I’ve worked with over the years.  I know as I look back at little moments that have been captured in photographs of my own children I am thrilled at the fact I get to “re-live” those moments every time I look at those photographs.  It amazes me that a precious moment, a split second, can be frozen in time to be enjoyed over and over again.  I love photography.  I love the art of it, the practicality of it, the convenience and inconvenience of it.  I love memories and emotions it evokes, the stories it tells.  I love the process of it, the people involved with it, and most of all I love the joy it has brought into my life.  To all those I’ve worked with this last year, I hope it brought joy into your lives as well.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  Here is a slideshow I’ve put together consisting of 1-3 images from each of my sessions in 2011.

Shelby – {Louisburg High School Senior Portraits}

We have had such a beautiful Fall as far as weather goes.  This is always a good thing for an outdoor photographer during the busy month of October.  The day of Shelby’s session was when we got a drop in temperature, though, so it was rather chilly.  I think she had goose-bumps the entire time.  She did great regardless of the cold, though.  Here is a look at another pretty senior.  Pretty both inside and out!

shelby 6Shelby-103 b webShelby-52 webshelby fieldcheer     Shelby-193 web

Sibling Love

It just doesn’t get cuter than this.  I love this sequence of brother and sister…

love Martin-150-Edit web

Sarah – {Louisburg High School Senior Portraits}

I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah.  She’s such a beautiful girl with the most gorgeous blue eyes!  Here’s just a handful from her session.

Sarah-204 webSarah-182 webSarah-180 webduo      Sarah-287 web Sarah-330 web trio 2 Sarah-82 webtrio


It’s a busy time of year for photos!  I thought I’d share a few of the family photos taken recently.  

Family-221   Franz-8 webkids Our Family-13 web Our Family-118 web Our Family-164 web Our Family-232 web walker trio Walker-123-Edit web

 Brown-14 webtrioBrown-210 webjump trioboys

The King Family

I’ve been wanting to share pictures from this session for a while now.  I simply adore this family!!  You can tell a lot about a family when photographing them.  What I immediately noticed about the King family is how laid back they all were and how much they truly enjoyed being together and how much they really loved each other.  Here is a handful or two from their session.

the boysKing-261-2 webKing-15-2 webKing-285 webfamily webKing-319-Edit webkids in rowKing-175 webKing-229 web King-241 webplayKing-365 webKing-382 web

Catching Up

Wow, too much time has passed since my last blog post.  It becomes a challenge to keep up on the blog when work picks up in the Fall.  And for those who have been to the blog/website before may now realize I’ve gone to just the “blog-site.”  Trying to keep up with both a blog and website seemed unnecessary.  You will be able to find all the info and examples of my work right here in the blog only.  Here is just a small sample of what I’ve been up to lately.  I wish I had more time to write about these amazing people in front of my camera.  They are all so much fun to work with!  I really love what I do!Mary-24 webtrio  jp web Lauren-189-Edit webLauren duo  Lauren-55 web   

Lauren-238 web These last set of pictures were taken at a 50th Wedding Anniversary Reunion.  I had the opportunity to photograph and document the entire day.  It was so fun.  There was really no way to accurately represent on this blog post the full day’s activities as well as everyone in the family who attended so I chose to share just a few of Carl & Judy only.  They celebrated this special family gathering at Flint Oak and stayed in a Lodge that was set on the lake.  They could fish right off the back porch.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Happy 50th Anniversary Carl & Judy.50th Anniversary-57 web50th anniversary SB